Rock Bottom

Don't tell me I'm not good enough.. Times like this, I wish I never existed Nobody wants to listen I'm screaming out for help Times like this, I wish that I could let go And open up a window, free to be myself But then there's YOU Standing over me, tryina make a fool of …

Easier said than done

In order to move on you need to accept that some things are meant to happen, but not meant to be. Last couple of months I have felt like an alien. Trying to express my thoughts and feelings have left me empty as if I talk in my own language no one understands. Friends become …

You’re not alone

No need to apologize, we already know we're far from perfect. You laugh 'til it hurts, and sometimes you cry 'til it's all better. No matter what, we've been here so many times, it doesn't matter, as far as we're all together.

Drink about it..

I no longer feel butterflies rise in the pit of my stomach at the mention of your name.. And I think to myself.. I'm starting to be okay with that. The fluttering has stopped - and so have my feelings..


Welcome to our society where teenagers are depressed and students are stressed where people will give you hate on what you wear and what's your weight where there's only sex, no hugs and there is no candy, just drugs.. where we cut for an escape and parents beat and rape where laws forbid people being …